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White Fang

Jade Rose

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Team Color: White, it is not required, but it is strongly suggested.


White Fang Charter

White Fang is an alliance founded on a belief in peaceful relations with other alliances.


All members are required to read the charter prior to joining the alliance. No flamebaiting or trolling of other members, diplomats, representatives of other alliances, or guests is allowed. Doing so will result in a warning at the first offense, a warning and a 24 hour ban upon the second offense, and a permanent ban upon the third violation. Attacking other members of the alliance or members of other alliances outside of a state of war is unacceptable. Members are encouraged to join the white team, but this is not mandatory.


White Fang will be led by two members, who shall be elected to serve a 3 month term, as shall all other government officials. The minister of war shall appoint one deputy upon election, whereas the ministers of internal and foreign affairs shall each appoint two deputies.

Leaders: The duty of the co-leaders is to oversee the alliance in major decisions and work to make sure the alliance runs more efficiently. The co-leaders hold ultimate authority within the alliance, and deal with all major issues. They should consult the ministers for assistance when dealing with major issues.

Minister of War: The minister of war shall appoint one deputy upon election. The minister of war oversees all military activities, and, should they become unable to fulfill their duties, the deputy minister of war will take his position.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Upon election, 2 deputies shall be appointed. The duties of this office are to oversee embassies with other alliances, and ensure that diplomats are fulfilling their obligation to further relations with these alliances.

Minister of Internal Affairs: Upon election, 2 deputies will be chosen to assist with the duties of this minister. This minister is responsible for disciplinary action in the alliance and making sure things run smoothly within the alliance.

Military structure and duties

Minister of War

-responsible for appointment of commanding officers

-must ensure that war orders are given effectively and coherently

-if necessary assign targets

-given authority to temporarily declare a halt to all tech raiding activities

-advises leaders on use of nuclear weapons (should not encourage first strike use unless a first strike by an enemy is likely

-must stand in in the place of a commanding officer if that officer is incapable of fulfilling duties

Deputy Minister of War

-serves as a replacement for the Minister if needed

-assists the minister of war in duties

-must stand in for a squad leader if they cannot serve their purpose

-should have a basic understanding of giving orders and handling leadership

-can advise the Minister of War if needed

-may act in place of the Minister of War in the event that immediate action is needed

Commanding officers

-selected from a list of qualified members within a squad

-relay orders more specifically to squad members

-may determine targeting assignments or peace mode assignments

-should ensure that orders are understood by all squad members

-responsible for monitoring status of a division and relaying it to the Minister of War

-should coordinate with other Commanding officers, especially on targets that can be applied to multiple divisions, such as needing a higher division to assist

Squad leaders

-Selected by the Commanding Officer

-Work even more closely within a division with a select group of nations

-Each division MUST have at least one squad leader, with 2 or more being preferable

-Must make sure everyone attacks the assigned targets, may request assistance on a squad-wide scale

Chain of command

1.Minister of war

2.Deputy Minister of War

3.Commanding officers

4.Squad leaders


Use of spies against White Fang will be viewed as an act of war, and will be handled as such. Use of spies by a member against another alliance will be punished according to the rules for punishing unsanctioned military action.



Flag- we do not currently have a flag.

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