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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


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Hi there, and welcome to the NATO recruiting post!

Do you want to join an alliance that is devoted to building up it's members economically? Read on.

Do you want to join an alliance that fiercly protects it's members from outside attacks? Read on.

Do you want to join an alliance that helps new nations with both advise and financial aid? Read on.

Do you want to join an alliance that attacks nations and alliances left and right, screaming for blood? Well, stop reading then.

NATO is an alliance built for the purpose of playing the game to have fun. We have some very experienced people who can give you all kinds of advise and information on how the game works, what the best strategies are, and how to build your nation or fight a war. We dont make many demands on you and really only ask that you stay active and interact with the rest of the NATO community.

NATO has been instrumental in maintaining the CDT, the Common Defense Treaty, which is now the 4th largest power bloc in the game. The CDT is designed to help keep us all protected from any predators who might think we are easy pickings.

NATO is built on friendship. We chat with each other, help each other, joke around, and generally have a good time. We have elections for our officials, we have several political structures set up to deal with any problems, and the alliance as a whole runs pretty smoothly.

What can NATO offer your nation?

• Protection: It’s a dangerous world out there for unaligned nations – joining NATO gives your nation safe haven. Rogue attacks against our members are never tolerated and we always protect our own.

• Start up money: After two weeks of membership, you are eligible for a $100,000 start up bonus to help your nation prosper and expand.

• Nation building: The alliance forums offer a variety of means to make money, find trade agreements, and exchange technology or foreign aid. We now offer Growth Grants from our Banking Program, where new nations can receive up to 3 million in direct aid to assist in nation growth. We also have a coordinated Trade Circle program that works within our alliance and with our Aqua buddies to get you the optimal trades for your resources.

• Community: We are a friendly group that wants to hear from you. We make our forums as social and fun as we can. By networking with other members you can tap into the skills of experienced players eager to help you learn the game and grow your nation.

What is your obligation as a NATO member?

1. You must be willing to come to the defense of your fellow NATO members. This is the primary duty for all member nations and the key reason for any alliance in CN.

2. In exchange for you start up bonus, we ask that you stay active with NATO for 30 days.

3. We expect you to understand the the NATO Charter and the the NATO rules of engagement.

4. We expect you to change your team color to Aqua. Don't worry, we will give you plenty of time to set up new trades in the aqua sphere, and help you if you would like.

5. We ask that you vote for our Senate candidate in the Aqua team senate.

6. We demand that you have fun. This is not optional. If you arent having fun, you arent doing it right. :)

There is a lot more information for you to see if you like. You can visit the following links to learn more.

NATO Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/NATO_FORUM/index.php?act=idx

CDT Home: http://z4.invisionfree.com/CommonDefense/index.php?

NATO in game: http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance...p?Alliance=NATO

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NATO is my second alliance and thankfully it is far more organized and professional than my last one.

NATO will not suffer from failed leadership. NATO is organized and they understand the politics of Planet Bob (aka Digiterra).

NATO will not get involved in wars we can't win. Again that comes from understanding politics. NATO is aligned with some of the major powers and yet we retain our own sovereignty.

NATO respects other alliances and wishes to help others learn the game. Some lessons are learned easier than others.

NATO is approaching sanction strength and has the support of the Common Defense Treaty bloc of alliances.

NATO is also a fun place to hang out. Okay, some of the people are a little crazy. :D

Join NATO, for the win!

Seriously, NATO is large enough to be a factor in world events. NATO is small enough that your nation will matter to us. If you need help, we'll be there for you.

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