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Declaration of War

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Genius, which consists of NAAC, WAPA, OJ, Citadel, and TPA, hereby declares war upon the alliance of IDIOT. We as a community have let IDIOT have its fun and run amuck with this game. Since we have allowed them free reign on CN:TE, IDIOT has chosen to adopt the method of force recruitment giving people the choice to join or die. This is directly seen by us all as a power move to create one alliance to rule the game. As such, we alliances have resolved to not let this happen. CN:TE will not be allowed to turn into another CN. The alliances of Genius declare this war to put a stop to IDIOT.

The surrender terms for individual nations are as followed:

1. You are to switch AAs to a different Alliance

2. You are to message all nations you are at war with that you have switched AAs and are to stop all attacks. You are not to declare upon any member nation of any alliance within Genius.

Nations which follow this will be free to go.


Methax of The Citadel

Sev of TPA

Firkked of OJ

Cyan of WAPA

Vornoth of Vita e Pace

Arctic of the NAAC

Edit- On a side note: This is not a treaty or a bloc, rather it is a joint DoW for a common cause.

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We are getting some funny stuff too.

To: Arctic From: Suicmez Date: 10/3/2008 12:55:53 AM

Subject: You are looking at massive retaliation.

Message: Please offer/accept peace with the IDIOT nation you are attacking or you will face utter obliteration by IDIOT. We will not hesitate to CM, air strike and NUKE! you into dust.

Cease now. A war like this is detrimental to us all; we would like to avoid it if possible.

The last line seems like classic Airme- polite and rational. But the first part is pretty humorous, with four war slots already filled, its not like you can make things much worse for me.

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