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Announcement of Possible Socialist Alliance Formation

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Dear Nations of Planet Bob,

I come tonight as a returning leader to Planet Bob. I have led nations through GWIII and helped created the powerful but short lived Imperial Assault Alliance, and been a member of several other alliances. In the time of GW IV a realization of Alliances came to me, that they are corrupt and interested in preserving their own power. It was at this time that I temporarily stepped down from politics on Planet Bob. I am here to announce, that I have returned to Planet Bob with a new nation and a new idea. It is my objective to create a new alliance, where nations are equal, and not just military meat shields for the few powerful leaders. Many of these nations that join large alliances enslave themselves, when these rulers sign for their X dollars in foreign aid, they are basically signing away their nation to that alliance, becoming just another puppet for the leader. I am proposing the creation of a truly equal oppurtunity alliance, where everyone has a say, and everyone has equal oppurtunity. I pledge my time into this alliance, and anyone else who would join me. I do not want to see any more new rulers become slaves to the elite of giant alliances.

A news report from Combine Network News.

OOC: Interested? PM in game, I have a working charter that preserves power for everyone.

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