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IRAN's Tech Emporium


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IRAN is proud to announce the opening of it's Tech Emporium. All deals are guaranteed by the government of IRAN.

Pricing is as follows:

$3 million for 50 tech: the tech is delivered up front, payment follows 10 days later.

$3 million for 50 tech: Cash is paid to seller, who will deliver the tech immediately through a middleman.

$3 million for 100 tech: Cash is paid to seller, who delivers the tech in 10 day installments.

All initial orders can be placed through me and I will coordinate the transactions to ensure that my alliance members perform on time, every time. Subsequent orders can be conducted directly between the parties, but IRAN will remain responsible for the performance of our members. In the event of any default by one of our members, IRAN will immediately deliver the tech through an alternate member and pay a $1 million penalty to the buyer.

Please direct your orders to BoneRoller - External Triumvir of IRAN

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