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The Mafia is Searching for Men of Honor


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The Mafia is Searching for Men of Honor to join our alliance and become a "Made Man". Membership in The Mafia comes with many benefits. Our Alliance is run by Mature experienced leaders who have the knowledge to help your nation prosper. We have a great Start-up Package that will earn a Minimum of 3 Million in aid and up to 9 million for completing the Mafia University , we also have a unique Promotion system developed to keep new members involved and active as well as opportunities to serve the family by participating in Tech Deals, Tech Raids and Hits.

You can Join larger Alliances and Become a Number or you can Join The Mafia and Become a Valued Member of the Family.

If you have any questions send me an in Game PM or vist our Fourms The Mafia Forums

Vist us on IRC at #themafia on Coldfront

Proudly Protected by NPO

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Greetings readers,

I am the newly-appointed Don of the Mafia, I want to invite all those members who are unaligned or unsure of their present alliance, to speak to me or register on our forums and find out more about our great and growing alliance.

A few examples of the sort of things we get up to:

- Aid. New member aid etc etc.

- Recruitment Rallys - Whoever recruits the most new members wins one million per new member recruited!!!

- Competitions - halloween and christmas competitions coming up.

- Spam threads

- Chat threads

- Mademen

- Hitmen

And so much more, which is such a tacky line but there is so much more on offer.

I hope to speak to you all soon.


Don of the Mafia

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Our Alliance has been thru it all. Big wars, Nukes, Coups you name it we have weathered the storm and we are still here, with stronger leadership and renewed vigor we are making a name for ourselves once again

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