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CN:TE treaty Joint Allied Defense Pact

Bob the Great

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The alliances of the Jointa Allied DEffense Pact (JADEP) agree to protect one another in times of warfare and to deter powerful alliances in times of peace.


1. All alliances have equal say. No alliance shall hold all the power.

2. All alliances are still seperate. No alliance can interfere in the running of another alliance.

3. All alliances shall cease wars against one another. No alliance shall declare war on any other alliance in JADEP.

4. All alliances shall help in the defense of another alliance. All alliances that are under JADEP are also protected by it.

5. All decisions by JADEP must be unilateral.

6. Any attacks from another alliance against a signee of JADEP shall be seen as a declaration of war against all signees of JADEP.

7. All member nations of Alliances under JADEP shall assist in the defense of their alliance and their fellow alliance.

This military treaty shall take effect as soon as three or more alliance sign. By signing this document, the said alliance agrees to uphold all rules to the letter and will serve alongside their comrades with diginity and respect.


Mark the Great (aka Bob the Great)

Atlantic Unity Federation

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