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Prometheus expands


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Prometheus would like to welcome its most recent signatory, We Are Perth Army to the fold.

The current signatories are : Murder Inc. Warlordz, Ubercon, and now We Are Perth Army

The Prometheus Project

Ariticle 1

The undersigned alliances hereby agree to be bound by the terms of this document

Article 2

The undersigned alliances agree that in the event of warfar, be it aggressive war, or defensive war, all members are required to assist through any and all means available (including diplomat and militaristic assistance) in the event of an aggressive war, the signatory initiating the war must give 72 hours advance notice to the other signatories so that they have ample time to prepare for war

Article 3

The undersigned alliances agree to collaborate senate voting in such a way as to ensure that the Prometheus project holds as many senate seats as possible with 30+ votes. The Prometheus Project also acknowledges that the senate is a free and open competition and will not seek aggressive action against any alliances who choose to field senators.

Article 4

Alliances seeking admission into the Prometheus project must submit a wriiten application on the Prometheus project forums to be considered. The current signatories must reach a unanimous decision to admit new alliances into the project.

Article 5

Any alliances wishing to withdraw from the Prometheus Project must give 72 hours notice via private channels to the other signatories of this alliance. Afer 72 hours the alliance will be released from the duties of this treaty and shall no longer be considered a member.

/s/ for Murder Inc.

Hormones - Emperor

Elborrador - regent

Janitor - Regent

Xero - Imperial Liason

Mt. Dew - imperial general

militis crudus -imperial general

Anigav - imperial general

/s/ for Warlordz

Bill Nye - Supreme Lord

HisK - MoFA

Kronn - MoW

Magge - MoIA

/s/ for Ubercon




/s/ for WAPA

L'Emperur Cyan

Queen Amalia Rue

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