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I will join any blue team alliance that will offer 3,000,000 or more i need money now

Isaac Matthew

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Hello fellow player,

I am the Member of an alliance called Knights Of Cydonia, we are a brand

new alliance who would like to ask you to join us. I would like you to join Knights Of Cydonia

and help us grow and prosper, in return

we offer you protection from Tech raiders and rogues and we offer you

friendship and aid to help you grow and become superior in the game. Our

Allance is new, therefore you can get a leadership position and your ideas will

help shape the alliance.

Our Forums: www.cydonia-cn.co.cc

: you need to go there and

register and post an application to join our alliance.


If your cool you will get the aid if your a aid hog you wont, simple :)

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