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Aqua 5BR Trading circle (Industry set)


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So i have had an 8 br set for a while and have decided to try and switch it over to a 4 br to get an extra population boost.

This actually is a better set up then the 8 BR set. It gives +10% more citizens, while only losing 6 dollars, 2 happiness, and a radiation bonus.

I figgured that since everyone is buying hybrid cars i would start a hybrid trading circle :lol: Ever sicnce i started this game a year ago i have heard that the two most important statistics in the game are population and infa (as long as your not in a war :ph34r: ) So that got me thinking why not have a trade circle with max infa reducers and max population boosters? So that is what the circle i am settigng up will give. It is a hybrid of the 3 br and the 8br.

Please sign up here if you are interested in joining.

Aluminum IRON CLAW


Coal Hezephos1

Fish Mr Masiat


Lumber codyhogan

Marble Hezephos1

Oil codyhogan

Rubber bendeutsch


sugar bendeutsch

Wheat Mr Masiat

Bonus Resources: Steel Automobiles Construction Asphalt

Here is a highlight of the major bonuses assorted with this circle:

Initial infrastructure cost -35.2%

Infrastructure upkeep: -22.2%

Population increase: 30.6

Population happiness increase: 6

Initial land cost: -23.1%

Purchase land area increase: 38%

Soldier increase: 64%

*We have decided to switch water for sugar. This will lose the bonus resource of beer(3 happiness and 1 environment) but gain us 3% population, which is far superior to 3 happiness.

Please post here to join

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Hey I have Fish and Wheat. I think you should take out pigs and cattle and go with lead and gold for scholars, radiation clean up and microchips. Radiation cleanup would give you the same environment bonus as water and the rest give you good bonuses.

I'm happy with it as is so however you want to play it, I'm in.

Elysian Fields

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