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Question about CMs


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From the Cyber Nations Information Index page

Cruise Missiles - Cruise missiles cost a base of $20,000 and cost a base of $200 to maintain. The results of a cruise missile launch are generated randomly. The maximum number of tanks that can be destroyed with one cruise missile is 10. The maximum number of infrastructure that can be destroyed is 10. The maximum number of technology that can be destroyed is 2. Purchasing satellite improvements increases cruise missile effectiveness +10% each and allows damage infliction beyond the damage caps up to 15 tanks, 15 infrastructure, and 3 technology. You may launch up to 2 cruise missile attacks per battle front per day. Cruise missile attacks do not count against ground battle attacks or vice versa. The costs to maintain cruise missiles are tripled after 50 cruise missiles.

this lead me to believe i could buy more then 50 Cms, but the purchase page wont let me.

so my question is how does one obtain more then 50 CMs?

I dont realy care about buying more, but i wanted a quick way to inflate my NS. im sure i am missing something extreemly obvious, but thought i would ask.


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