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Trying to find that perfect alliance, that has everything you want and need?

Jack the great

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The United Alliance

Wasn't expecting us now, were you?

Okay, I know what you're thinking, a small, weak, and quite silly alliance expects me to join? :mellow:

Just hear me out, and listen to some of the advantages of joining us:

We're small

Come on, lets be honest. The UA is a small alliance. But realistically, most players that are active and dedicated to this game are going to get on a lot better if they have a place where they can speak to people in peace and quiet, enjoy their time on the tidy and organised forums and maybe even have a good shot at a government position.

And if you do get that gov slot (which you have a much higher chance than in a big AA), you'll feel a much better sense of pride, knowing that you've worked toward making that small little home for a few nations into a thriving, powerful empire of dozens of nations. The feeling you get from that is a lot more satisfying.

We're fun

Yes that's right. We are fun. We don't play to win at all. We're here to enjoy this game and we're gonna enjoy it together as a group. That's what makes us quite special. When I founded this alliance in fact, my intent was not to excel or be the best - it was to have a good time. But that can only get better with more friendly and active people joining us.

See our community for yourself and visit our forums or drop by our IRC sometime and play some trivia or slap / NO U or just randomly spam up our channel. We won't mind :D.

We're protected

We our honoured to be protected by the most awesome alliance of all and definitely the mostly harmless of them all; you guessed it - MHA.

As ths biggest alliance on the aqua sphere, sharing our time with our Hitchhiker buddies really makes diplomacy fun. Meeting these new people, getting to know them and becoming their adds the spice to the game that makes it enjoyable. On top of that, MHA's protection over us makes us an extremely safe, stable, and harmless alliance. ^_^

If this sounds like a place you want to be apart of, or if you just wanna come and speak to us or the idea of spamming up our channel enlightens you, then come visit us!


Click here


#ua on Coldfront

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