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The New Roman Alliance


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I would like to announce the formation of a brand new alliance, the New Roman Alliance! We are a predominantly blue alliance that strives for both military and economic strength.

Our charter:


The New Roman Alliance is an alliance believing in strength of both members and alliance, strength both economically and militarily. The following charter spells out the important aspects of the New Roman Alliance.


All players of Cybernations are welcome to sign-up to join the New Roman Alliance. All applications will be approved by the Chancellors or a Senate member until an Interior minister is appointed, at which point all applications will be handled by said minister.

Member Rights

All members of the New Roman Alliance are guaranteed protection and the right to speak freely so long as the rules of Cybernations are not broken in the process, or any information that may harm the alliance or its reputation in anyway. All members are permitted to request an impeachment of any officer or the removal of any member. In such a situation if it is to pass all members are to vote and for said proposal to be accepted the vote must be a 2/3s majority of total votes.


Any member may be expelled from the New Roman Alliance by the Senate or the Chancellors for a number of reasons which include but are not limited to: 1. Treason against the alliance, 2. Behavior unbecoming of a member of the New Roman Alliance 3, Refusal to obey orders with out a solid reason for doing so, and 4, attacking a fellow alliance member or ally. Warnings may be given depending on the severity of the infraction.


The Government is made up of three ruling bodies. There are two permanent chancellors who are the final authority on all matters. A Senate who is made up of members elected by fellow members and resides over day to day matters within the alliance, and the final body is the ministers, who are appointed by the senate and approved by the chancellors, who preside over different affairs within the alliance (war, interior affairs, banking, ect.), ministers are permitted to choose a staff if they feel that their work load is too heavy and they are in need of assistance. Senators and Ministers terms will last a total of three months and not a moment longer. If for any reason elections are unable to take place during the time they are supposed to happen they will commence at the first possible opportunity.


Elections will be held at the end of every senate term. All members are welcome to run for a senate position and all are permitted to vote. Signups for minister positions will begin immediately after senate elections have ended. All members are eligible to become ministers excluding chancellors and senate members.

Military and war policy

For the New Roman Alliance to declare war on another alliance a vote must be taken by the senate, if the vote passes with a 2/3 majority then the Chancellors will have the final say. The Military of the New Roman Alliance falls under the command of the Chancellors and the Minister of War. During times of war targets will be posted in the appropriate forum. Members are free to attack any target within their strength range. Targets my only be posted by the Chancellors, a member of the senate, the Minister of War, or an appropriate staff member. Members are not to accept ANY peace offers unless authorized to do so by the Chancellors, the Senate, or the Minister of War. War is an ugly thing, but the New Roman Alliance recognizes the need to go to war when necessary. The New Roman Alliance will go to war when necessary to 1. Protect the honor or existence of the alliance 2. Fulfill treaties and to protect allies 3. To protect any member of the alliance.

Tech Raiding

Tech raiding is only permitted if it is approved by a Chancellor, a Senate member, or the Minister of War. For a raid to be approved the following conditions must be met

1. Target is not have their team color set to Red

2. Target is at least 10 days inactive

3. Target is not in an alliance with at least 5 members


The New Roman Alliance is willing to sign treaties with alliances that have shown that they truly hold the interest of both our alliances at heart. The New Roman Alliance will form Economic Pacts and Defensive pacts with any alliance that shows good will towards us and our allies.


Any member may propose an amendment to the charter. On such an occasion all members of the New Roman Alliance are to vote on it. Voting will last for a total of 7 days. On such matters neither the Chancellors nor the Senate have any vetoing powers. For the amendment to pass a total of 5/6 of the total votes must be in favor of the proposed amendment.

If you would like to join up with us our forums are located at http://s1.zetaboards.com/New_Roman_Alliance/index/

We hope we can have good and fair diplomatic relations with all who want them.

Signed Co-Chancellors

General Anderan

codolf Hiller

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Why don't you try to keep your recruiting methods on your side of the fence and we'll keep ours eh? I'll ask that the new nations who want to join the NRA disreguard this person's comment to join his alliance.

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