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3x3 tech deal.


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3 open aid slots

Active (to receive and send aid quickly)


We're going to do this continuously for five rounds, then we can do more if wanted.

This means that after 10 days when the aid expires, the large nations send cash again, and the small nations send tech again. Simple enough.

Large nation 1: Island Unfound [introvert]

Large nation 2: Royal Bengal [dieselshak] Wahoolia [agent00x]

Large nation 3: Outer Tomorrow [shingo]

Small nation 1: Uustonia [Hob Dobson]

Small nation 2: halodragon [halodragon]

Small nation 3: Krugaria [krugar]

Sign up posting your nation name, nation link, and ruler name.


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Hm, looks like the seller deleted his nation.

Thanks for the heads-up, agent... but you're the fourth buyer to sign up, so yeah :(


Edit: For some reason, it won't let me post nation links, so I had to take them out. That doesn't really matter, though.

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