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Seriously Twinked Out Trade Circle


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Alright, for starters, there is no room for any non-listed resource, thing thing is seriously as optimized as it gets

Bonus resources are Asphalt, Construction, Automobiles, Steel, Beer, Schloars, Microchips and Radiation clean-up, AND Uranium in the package for that sweet sweet nuclear bonus.

Iron- Filled

Rubber- Filled

Coal- Filled

Oil- Filled

Lead- Filled

Gold- Filled







Please contact me if you have two of the open resources and are interested in a long-term VERY profitable ring.

REPEAT! Only contact me if you have have TWO of the resources mentioned, for this optimized ring to work there is no wildcard, sorry Furs, Fish, Pigs Sugar and all that other junk, I do not want you.

Edit- Also, perferred Team is Yellow, but it's not necessary.

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