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We are merciful


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Hello there everyone, I have been given the immense honor of making this post. The Federation of united civilized kingdoms is happy to announce terms of surrender for MASH. All Mash nations must follow the terms stated below.

1.Will peace with all Federation nations

2.Will put in nations Bio "awaiting cake and grief counseling"

3.Will change to brown team

4. All nations will go into super duper amazing peace mode

5. Give the Federation a morality unit

6. All MASH nations must make shoes for orphans to the amount of at least 400 pairs.

7. All MASH nations must promise not to attempt to steal pond pirates cake

8. All MASH nations must post an apology to the Companion cube for throwing him into a fire.

That is all.

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You should probably do your homework before trolling. MASH will find this quite entertaining. :)

do your homework sweetheart


besides, i have no real intrest in attacking you, we've got bigger and better plans :ph34r:

also, lol at te posturing

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