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Anouncing: THe warlordz


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After the anouncement of The Prometheus Project I think it is only fair that the CN:TE world shuld know of the Warlordz and their charter. :mellow:


The charter of the Warlordz

I Preamble

All nations of the Warlordz, by this document, are united in politic and military efforts, so it may grow to be a force to be reckoned with.

II Aplying for membership

Any nation that applies for the Warlordz recognizes that it is an alliance based in the black sphere. The nation must sign up at the Warlordz forum, and apply for membership in the application forum found here, and follow the instructions given.

III The Warlordz goverment

Kings of Warlordz

The kings is the head of the alliance. They lead the alliance to the best of their abilities, on the path they mean is the right one to take. Their powers are numerous and includes among other things:

  • Only the kings may declare war on another alliance
  • The kings chooses his sucsessor if he has the need to resign his position
  • The kings has the right to suspend or expell a nation from the Warlordz

Ministers of Warlordz

The ministers is the kings right and left handed men, and are working in designatet areas of the aliance.

The ministers are as follows:

Minister of foreign affairs

Minister of Internal affairs

Minister of War

For appointments, the kings chooses his Ministeres. Should there be any debate of his choosings the king will start a poll for the public.


The MoIA (Minister of internal affairs) may give away a humoristic title to a Warlord to raise moral and activity, within the forum comunity. The title may be given from an avatar he or she have used, or something said or done. The Title may not last over 72 hours.

Minister succsession

If a minister is inactive a period of time the king can replace that minister without prior warning.

If a minister resigns his or hers position, he/she and the rest of the goverment shall agree on a person to replace said minister.

IV Rules for the common member

The rules set for the common warlord, should be followed at all times. If a warlord break a said rule the goverment may request a hearing, and dependent on the crime, may face expulsion.

  • It is not allowed to be in another alliance while in warlordz
  • Declaring war against a member in a big alliance is prohibited
  • Declaring war/flaming our allies is not alowed
  • Leaking information to an enemy alliance is Prohibited

Let the TE world know that the warlordz has entered!

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