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Morning the Ladys,

i am searching for an european alliance. Iam native german/danish so i would prefer an ally

with Members of this states. British would be fine as well but DONT MENTION THE WAR;)

Unfortunately iam a so called newbie so u would have to teach me the basics from the beginning on.

Dont be afraid iam playing MMOGs and strategic games half of my live (i´m 27)

so i dont think it ll take me long to check the rules.

So far enough from me hope to hear from someone in the next days.

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Well R&R is a USA player created alliance but we have a lot members from germany,UK and other parts of Europe im from Croatia for exmpl.

So if you want check us out at www.rnr-alliance.com

And if you need any help ingame even if you dont join my ruler name is KingLC so search for me and ask me whats on your mind ;)

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We Are That What U Are Looking http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_Finnish_Kingdom/index.php? Kingdom Of Finland We Are Re-Established Königlich Preussisches Jägerbataillon Nr. 27

And We Are Protected By The German Empire And Their Allies: # The British Empire,

# The Confederation of Canada

So Please Vist In Our Forums!

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