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Orange Trade Circle


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I am looking for nations to help me fill in my guild. I am establishing a guild that gives the following 8 bonus resources:






Radiation Cleanup



To accomplish this end, we need the following 12 resources:

Aluminum: Brykone

Coal: Peshmerga

Gold: Power Nation


Lead: Brykone



Oil: Power Nation


Uranium: Peshmerga



PLEASE NOTE: To take place in this guild, you will need:

1-Two of the above resources

2-A Harbor, or be very close to getting one. (Need 5 slots.)

3-You must be willing to cancel all pre-existing trade agreements.

It is also preffered, though not nessecary, that you be Orange Sphere.

If you have 2 of the above "blank" resources, please mail me at:


I am dealing with this primarily on the IRON offisite boards, so to make sure you can secure your place in the guild, again, please contact me in game.

If you do not have 2 of the above resources, I am sorry but you do not fit into this guild.

Perks of this guild:

Initial infrastructure cost: -41%

Soldier increase: 42.6%

Nuclear Weapons cost decrease: -20%

Infrastructure upkeep: -24.7%

Soldier cost decrease: $-6

Nuclear Weapons upkeep decrease: -60%

Population increase: 8%

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Frigate purchase cost decrease: -25%

Citizen income increase: $6

Tank cost decrease: -8%

Frigate upkeep cost decrease: -38%

Population happiness increase: 11

Tank upkeep cost: $-17

Destroyer purchase cost decrease: -35%

Initial land cost: -10%

Aircraft cost decrease: -7.8%

Destroyer upkeep cost decrease: -30%

Purchase land area increase: 38%

Aircraft upkeep cost decrease: -25%

Submarine purchase cost decrease: -30%

Aircraft limit increase: 10 units

Submarine upkeep cost decrease: -41.6%

Technology cost decrease: -13%

Cruise Missile cost decrease: -20%

Aircraft carrier purchase cost decrease: -37.6%

Aircraft Carrier upkeep cost decrease: -41.6%

Other navy purchase cost decrease: -15%

Other navy upkeep cost decrease: -28%

Halving of Global Radiation

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