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Hello there.Im KingLC from the R&R Alliance.

CyberNations is full of player created alliances.So there is a bunch of alliances you can pick to join.

A Alliance in first place is important cause the alliance members help you grow faster and teach you everything about the game.

Some alliances recruit new members for the numbers but some are trying to find new players that have suggestions, that have the will to change something and help the alliance to grow even more.

So if you looking for a alliance full of fun and interesting people you just found the alliance you want to join. ;)

R&R is a 170+ member alliance that had a lot changes in the past month.

We are looking for members with suggestions cause every member has the right to suggest anything they think could benefit the alliance.

R&R also has a long and interesting past.Nearly 2 years old with a interesting war history.

If you want to take a look at the Alliance please visit


For some more info you can also visit this link:

R&R Wiki

And if you have any questions on how to join please PM me here on CN forums,on R&R forums, or ingame.

With regards


R&R's Deputy of Recruitment!

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