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Looking For an Alliance


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Try MOON. Majestic Order of Orange Nations is a good home. We are friendly and very laid back. We are growing pretty rapidly.

We have much to offer.

If you are interested please go here or if you need more info please send me a pm or send a pm in game.


Thank You :ph34r:

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I come to invite you to join the Alliance of International Defense (-AiD-) , were you will find asistance from any sort. We are a very close group and really have fun on the forums.

You can join here: http://z8.invisionfree.com/AID/index.php?act=idx

For further help or information ask, or send me a PM.

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Why dont you join Americas Army. We are an alliance of 27 members and are growing :)

We have great friends and have a great future ahead of us.

Americas Army is a loyal alliance. We listen to our members in everything that has an open discussion.

We are not just military Based. Dont get me wrong.

AA is not just for americans as we have people from europe in it. The Name is not what makes us who we are. it is the alliance members theirselves that make us who we are :)

So please I encorage you to join us :)

Here is our link:

Americas Army

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I like my alliance but I want a great that I can feel extremely loyal to. All offers considered.

= Western Empire = is recruiting. We offer Protection, Financial(1 to 3 mill. start up packages), and tech solutions for growing nations like yours. If your interested message me or apply at


Tell them Supreme kommander Recruited you

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Well. I will throw my 2 cents in as well.. I could go through the long recruiting message like most everybody else. But I will keep it short and sweet. Perennis Imperium. you will love it. I guarantee it. If you check us out and dont love us, I will eat my hat. seriously.. Now that is hardcore recruiting.



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