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The Confederacy of Truth


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On this day, we the founding member's of the confederacy of truth hereby formally establish this confederacy in the name of truth, our namesake. Our mission, to provide a new kind of alliance in which all members may thrive, knowing everything they could want to know about there alliance and it's motives.

The burden of secret's and lies, the very merchants of larceny, shall never plague the halls of this new confederacy as it has so many other alliances.

So now with this public opening of the Confederacy we invite all,l both prospective members and diplomats alike, to register on our forums.

Charter of the Confederacy of Truth

Preamble: Truth Above all Else

In accordance with our name and title, this grand confederacy shall be forever responsible to ordain. without exception. that truth above all else is paramount, for all dealings, respects, and issues, truth must always come first.

Article I; Admission

Any nation having joined the yellow team, ended all war's, left any previous alliance, and applied in the “Applications” section of the forums is eligible for entrance to the confederacy and will be admitted upon review by the power's that be in the confederacy.

Article II; Government

The confederacy is governed by the high command which consists of our sovereign the Chancellor, and any other member promoted to a position of power by the Chancellor. The Chancellor may create departments and government positions when the need arises.

Article III ; The Chancellor

The chancellor, our sovereign, is our supreme power, the great pinnacle of our power structure. The chancellor has the power to veto any movement below a 75% majority vote, expel member's, promote member's, create departments and positions within them. The chancellor must appoint an heir before retiring from his position, and should such a time occur then his selection must receive a 65% majority vote in order to take office, should the nominee fail to receive a 65% majority vote then a general election will be held and the confederacy will choose the next Chancellor by way of majority vote.

Article IV; Leaving the Confederacy

Should any member wish to leave the confederacy at any time they need only to post there reasons why so we may improve the confederacy, as well as change their Alliance Affiliation so that the CT is not mentioned.

Article V; Amendments to the Charter

Should any member wish to propose an amendment to this charter they need only write a post titled “Amendment Proposal” with a description of the proposed amendment, then after a full 24 hours have elapsed, giving ample time for discussion, a government representative shall post a poll and the confederacy shall decide on the matter by way of majority vote.

Article VI;Principles: The four Pillars of Morality

-Truth: the duty of all member's, from the lowly recruit to our grand sovereign the Chancellor himself, is to show the utmost respect to all parties, both internal and external, by uttering only what is both entirely truthful, and exempt of unnecessary malice or foreboding.

-Loyalty: Full and complete loyalty is required of all member states, and thus spying, plotting, or any other breakdown of loyalty shall be treated as a major offense and punished as such. Once admission to the confederacy has been solidified and sanctified by due and just process no act that it considered to be in any way against the confederacy or her goals by the high command, or in any other way disloyal to the confederacy shall not be tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion or any other punishment agreed upon by the high command!

-Honor: The confederacy strives for all interactions taken up by member states and the alliance as a whole, both foreign and domestic, to be honorable in purpose and result, as every action taken by the confederacy or her member's is a reflection of our grand alliance.

-Responsibility: All members shall be responsible for there own actions both within the alliance and throughout the cyberverse, thus all member states must be sure their actions on the forums and on Cybernations are coherent with the pillars of morality or else risk losing the protection of the confederacy for the duration of any repercussions to the member's blunder or until such a time as the Chancellor decides to end the punishment to the given member.


Note: there may be a few errors in the charter at this time, please point out any grammar or spelling errors you come across....

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