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Pond Pirates announcement

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Flag here, screw it i'm way too lazy

Elcid and I are couping Pond Pirates and taking control, yep thats how we roll

First order of business, merging into Superfriends, rollin'


Craig, Criminal mastermind

Elcid, Awesome Person

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Uh, this is hardly a coup. We're disbanding the alliance in style.

Just to make this clear; we don't want to carry over any treaties or whatever else. We have merged with Super Friends. Pond Pirates is no more.

Edited by ElCid
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You picked a bad time to launch a coup mate.

Yeah, i don't think there is anything that can be done. I mean if whoever ignores our superpowers wants to keep the alliance going thats their choice. elcid and I won't feel any repercussions

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I'm the leader of Pond Pirates, you couped me behind my back?

Nobody at Pond Pirates is merging with anyone!

Anybody involved in this merger are here-by banned from Pond Pirates, and are Perma-ZId...if you wanted to leave Pond Pirates, why didn't you be more dignified rather than couping the forums?

Edited by Franz Ferdinand
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