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The Dawn of a New Age

Franz Ferdinand

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Captain Franz Ferdinand and Rattopojat OY's 'wenches' have a nice, long chat about a merger.

Welcome fellow warlords, I would like to announce the merger of Rattopojat OY into Pond Pirates. With the constantly growing world which exists right now, we believe that it is time to further aid out our comrades out there. Rattopojat OY was a fellow United Brown Doctrine signatory, and we hope that we can easily cater for them, and we really are ecstatic that they have agreed to become part of the Pirating family.

We welcome the former members of Rattopojat OY to Pond Pirates and we shall aim to make sure that you enjoy your new home here on the high seas.

Signed by Pond Pirates:

Franz Ferdinand - Scourge of the Seven Seas

Signed by Rattopojat OY:

Decker - Terror-Pirate of the Year

Iosif Moldovstan - In Soviet Finland, Boat Sink You!

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