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Experienced nation/player looking for a new home

Jack the great

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My name is Jack the great. Some of you will remember me from this.

I play CN:S and TE but I am looking for an alliance that can house me once I get out of POW status (I recently fought in GWV and my nation has been completely ruined, but I was advised to surrender so I did :) )

I have a lot of experience in the game so a position in government would be fabulous. I do not expect any sign up aid or whatever but an alliance that will be able to assist me with rebuilding following some time in my new home would be great but not necessary.

I want an alliance where I can stay on aqua, have a good time and not be considered a statistic but a person. I don't want an alliance too small, but not one too big either. Also, I want to be able to meet lots of new people, make lots of new friends and have fun spamming your forums (or the appropriate areas ;) ).

If you would be interesting in taking me on, feel free to reply here or PM me. Gimme a link to your forums and I will take a look at you. I plan to make my decision within the next couple of days, so be prompt with you offers or you may have lost a chance at me :o

Me summarised in 3 words:

Eccentric, experienced and silly :lol:

The alliance I'm looking for summarised in 3 words:

Fun, serious, and silly :lol:

I want to have a good time, don't bore me with stuff. That way, I will ensure your alliance becomes a much more fun place too. The table is now open to offers.

Enjoy :)

Jack the great

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well than i think Americas Army is for you

We have spot open in our government for Foriegn Affairs.

(we recently lost our FA man)

We are a fun group of guys and personally some of us LOVE spamming.

When it is serious we get serious.

We are an alliance of 25 members.... i hope thats not too small for you. but we are working on getting our recuitment up to status.

Well here is our forums link:


Go ahead and stop by

Yours truly

Joffrey17 General of AA

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I've been thinking and I've decided to go with America's army. I like their forums, their people sound nice, their recruitment efforts have been brilliant, and their size is perfect for me. Plus, they have an open gov position which I can definitely manage.

Thankyou everyone for your efforts, they will not be forgotten and many people would be lucky to join alliances like yours.

See you soon, AA. :)

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If it is not too late.. you might want to take a look at Perennis Imperium. We are aqua and exactly what you are looking for. There is a couple of government positions open as well. I think you would like it here. In fact, I know you would. here is the link. : http://s10.invisionfree.com/Perennis


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