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Do I hold the record?


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Or maybe he's collecting and collecting till he gets a ton of money... Then he'll sell all his infra, pay really cheap bills, buy a lot more infra than what he has now.

I dunno. Someone do the math and tell me if it's profitable.

That's doesn't work.

The infra screen is locked when you don't pay 2 days bills

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since he cannot attack back, i think he will be one of the first targets for spying operations :)

however, since you cannot send out aid nor purchase anything with unpaid bills, you have a totally useless nation for around 100days now, congratulations -_-

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haha...that's funny

but idiotic....youve been collecting without trades so why not pay your bills also...not a brilliant political move.

Didn't have enough money to pay the bills; all my trades got cancelled within a week of each other.

Then I got bored with my nation/rl troubles/focussed on my alliance until now.

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You have NO idea how screwed you are now.

you don't have any labor camps, which means you're paying DOUBLE.


Y'know, it might be that he doesn't have any because he has been collecting taxes, and therefore does not want an additional -5 happiness on top of the lack of trades. ;)

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