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plz help


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A very, very nicely worded letter done with proper grammar, etc. pleading for mercy has been known to work and is worth a try, but...since it is rather difficult to prove that you are not your "friend" trying to get around a ban, I'm not sure how much success you are going to have.

Bottom line is that you should never allow friends to log in on your home computer to check their nations.

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Rules state clearly that you are not allowed to create 2 accounts from the same IP.

You are thus banned from CN and in-game bans cannot be appealed as far as i know.

This is correct. If your banned friend attempted to access from your system, he took from you the opportunity to play CN. Likely your IP was blacklisted due to his ban evasion methods.

Remember, gentle players: Friends don't let friends troll Cyber Nations on their computer.

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