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Soldier bug


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Note: all soldiers quoted are 'modified' soldiers

I was attacked this morning. I bougth soldiers to my normal level, about 6400 in defense and 800 offense.

I buy more soldiers to about 9000. I deploy 6079 (max allowed 6080). I attack.

I loose both wars. HE DOES NOT ATTACK ME BACK

I then look at my soldiers. About 4500 deployed, ONLY 1 defending.

It looks like the losses were subtracted from the defending soldiers and not from the attacking soldiers.

This is obviously wrong to me.. unless thee is somethin in the mechanics I am missing. If I deploy soldiers and I attack.. the deployed soldiers should die, not the soldiers left behid protecting the nation.

Thanks for you looking in to this,

Vitauts of Vitland


PS: After I notoced that I bougth 1700 soldiers just to have defensive soldiers above 20% of citizens

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Oh Admin! I am but a worm that crawls at your feet, waiting to be squashed and I beg for your mercy!

I think I know what I did. Before attacking I bought soldiers to bring my 'modified soldiers' to about 9000.

Then I went to the deploy screen and it told me the maximum I could deploy was 6080 soldiers.

I took it to mean 'effective soldiers' so I deployed 6079 soldiers (one less).

Does this means that the soldiers you deploy are 'base' soldiers?

You can deploy 100% soldiers?

I will be self-anarchied due to my stupidity? (yea.. well deserved?)

hum.. this also means that I should have won the battle :(

In any event... Thanks admin! I never bought barracks or gerrilla camps, as they were useless, as my happiness would go down on deploying 80% of 'modified' soldiers. Muy understanding is that it is now 80% of base soldiers..and now guerrilla camps and barracks have meaning. I will war again tonight and try to learn you new systems of war.

All hail the almighty Admin!

King Vitauts, face red in shame.

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More info.

It seems that the happiness drop still happens with 80% Modified soldiers to citizens, not BASE soldiers to citizens.

I have 9411 working citizens, with 5232 soldiers and (7462) modified soldiers. My base soldiers are only 55.6% of my population.

But if I try to buy 100 soldiers more it says that it will go ver the 80% limit. Now, 80% of 9411 is 7529. So clearly the max soldiers I can deploy is based on the modified soldiers.

I thought this had been changed...

Vitauts, scratching his head in confusion

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