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The Amazing Tournament Edition Sanction Race

Jack the great

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The Amazing Sanction Race

September 5, 2008

1 The Superfriends


3 Orange Juice

4 The Citadel

5 National Alliance Of Arctic Countries

6 The Pacific Army

7 The Citadel

8 Multicoloured Cross-X Alliance

9 United White

10 Viridia

11 Duckroll

12 Lazy Penguin Eaters


13 Sparta

14 Pond Pirates

15 Crimson Empire

16 Aqua Defense Alliance

17 Grand Global Alliance

18 Dinner Naked

19 Vox Populi

20 FOK

Biggest Gainer


Biggest Loser


Passes of the Day



I decided to restart this properly and will try my best to update this everyday. From tomorrow I will begin with adding the losses and gains etc. as well as a 'Shoutout' like Logan does. I'm basing this off his template and methods, etc. and would like to thank him for all the work he puts into the CN one, so I'm taking the liberty out of doing the work in CN:TE for him :P

PM any problems or questions to me.

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Uhm, WTH? I have posted an updated sanction race, with actual stats, for the last... 4 days, in the other thread. Duplicate thread is duplicate.

http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...st&p=891068 is the same post as this, only accurate data, and historical data as well...

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