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The Crimson Empire!

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Join The Crimson Empire

The Crimson Empire is a red team Tournament Edition Alliance looking for some strong dedicated people who want to join us in our crusade.

What benefits do you get from joining?


Allied with several alliances but most notably 'The Blood Pact' with The Citadel and The Pacific Army uniting the best of red.


The Crimson Empire builds it on the foundation of its strength and power. It intends to triumph in the game and be one of the greatest in CN:TE. If you want to be part of this ambition, join us.


Upon joining you will instantly embrace the epic atmosphere of war and the strive for victory. If you're someone who enjoys destroying others with others by your side, but not just anyone, friends by your side, this is the alliance for you.


Practically everyone in the alliance is considered equal. We believe every one of us is vital to the success of our alliance and all should work and fight to protect and expand our empire.

Pure Win :-D

Play together and win together. That's what we say. Join the Crimson Empire today in our noble crusade to the very top. Will you be a part of it? Will you join us and be the best?

Only you can decide.

Join today.

Find us on IRC: #crimsonempire (Coldfront)

Or online: http://s1.zetaboards.com/CrimsonEmpire/

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