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Join the Harlequin Union!


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Are you new to cyber nations?

You should join us here at the harlequin Union. http://theharlquinunion.bigforumpro.com/

We offer 1 on 1 mentoring sessions so you can learn how to play Cyber nations better.

Are you an experienced member looking for a new alliance?

Tired of the NPO telling you what to do? Sick of what Polaris is doing on the other side? But yet, don't want to be neutral? Join us here at the Harlequin Union! http://theharlquinunion.bigforumpro.com/ We are planning to start a third "party" in CN.

We are currently looking for experienced members to fill in our open government spots. Thats right, come right in and start as a government member! Great deal isn't it? If you have any questions, come strait to me the Ace of the Harlequin Union.

NOTICE: Nothing against NPO or NpO and their allies. We just think differently.

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