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Joint OVO - LPE Announcement


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The members of both Alliances, who always liked each other without caring the extremely different and even contradictory alimentary habits, have decided to sign a MADP (Mutual Assistance to Destroy People).

The citizens of the LPE and the OVO celebrate this achievement.


1. If an Alliance or Individual attacks the Lazy Penguin Eaters (LPE), the members of the Old Veggie Order will attack that enemy.

2. Like the #1 but upside down (i.e, "if the OVO gets attacked (...) the LPE attacks...", etc).

3. The LPE and the OVO will help each other when they attack other Alliances.

4. The members of both Alliances can insult and trash the members of the other Alliance.

Signed for the OVO:

Zoskia - Member of the OVO

Signed for the LPE:

Zoskia - Member of the LPE

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ur a member of both? :psy:

No, I'm not...

I resigned from the OVO, then joined the LPE, then signed for the LPE, then I applied for the OVO again, I was accepted again, and I signed for the OVO.

I've never been a member of both Alliances at once.

... But don't think that this stuff makes this agreement become "less real"... it's VERY real, and if you attack the LPE, then get ready to get destroyed by the mighty OVO.

o/ LPE

o/ OVO!

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zoskia, you are too much :wub:

:wub: you too.

This is a great day for our Alliances. Also, the members of the Old Veggie Order have just placed a statue of a huge Penguin to honour the Lazy Penguin Eaters in our central park and the masses hailed the holy Penguin.


o/ LPE

o/ OVO

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