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Join Ascension today. We are a new alliance, with currently 7 members. The following is our charter:

Ascension’s Charter (Official)

Ascension’s Charter

Article I: Introduction

Ascension is an alliance based on helping their members become great and survive, while in return helping the alliance grow and be a part of the cyberverse. We prefer peaceful resolutions to diplomatic problems before heading to war. Members in Ascension have a few rights and responsibilities.

1.The right to survive peacefully throughout the cyberverse.

2.The right to protection from the alliance

3.The right to freedom of speech

4.The right to run for any position in Ascensions government.

5.The responsibility to obey directions and laws of the alliance

6.The responsibility of protecting the alliance and alliance members

Article II: Acceptance/Discharge


To exist in the alliance you must be some specified requirements

1.You cannot be on any alliances permanent ZI list (see Cybernation Terms).

2.You must help the alliance survive and prosper and defend it if you are called to war.

3.You must respect each and every other member of this and any other alliances.

4.You must not be in any wars, unless you are being tech-raided and wish to join for protection

5.You must not aid any member that is an enemy of Ascension.

6.Once you become a member and have received aid, you must stay apart of the alliance for 30 days, unless you refund the aid.


1.You are free to leave the alliance at any time, but please post a topic telling us why

2.Any member who does not obey the responsibilities and laws of the alliance will be subject to dishonorable discharge and any further force the Council decides upon them.

Article III: The Government

The government is made up of 3 council members (subject to change). There are two permanent council members, Hunablazer and PlasticJesus while the other one is voted for in elections held once every two months. A member may hold a position in government for as many terms (each term is two months) as they wish, as long as they are voted back in or chosen by the council. Any member of government may propose a charter amendment and such an amendment will be passed if all council members agree.

Article IV: Peacetime

Ascension will remain in peace mode unless called to war or the alliance decides to go to war. In peacetime, members are expected to browse the forums at least once a week to keep up to date on current war status (unless on vacation).

Article V: Preparation for War

In preparation of war, all members are expected to be on the forum at least 3 times a week. There will be messages sent out alerting everyone on the current status of the possibility of war. Any government official can propose Ascension initiate an offensive war. The Coucil (majority vote) will declare any offensive warfare.

Article VI: Wars and Tech Raiding

War & Alliance Wars

On such an occasion when our alliance is called to war, all members are expected to defend the alliance attacking at least one other nation. All other wars, besides tech raids, must be approved by at least two of the three council members.

Tech Raiding

Tech Raiding does not need approval, although there are rules for tech raiding:

1.The nation must not be red or in an alliance

2.You are to record ALL battle reports and have a screenshot of the nation before you go to war.

3.They are not protected by any other alliance

If you do attack a nation in an alliance, you will be subjected to pay reps and any possible further action negotiated with that alliance. There is a 3 warning policy; 2 chances and the 3rd time you are discharged from the alliance. We are not responsible for any war aid or losses suffered during a tech raid.

Article VII: Recruitment Policy

Recruitment for the alliance will help us build and grow. When a member has recruited 10 people to the alliance, they will receive a 1.5mill bonus (this excludes merges). You are NOT allowed to recruit people already in an alliance or a P.o.W. of an alliance, doing so will result in a possible dishonorable discharge from the alliance.

Article IX: Alliance Relations

We are to build up relations with other alliances and make treaties with them, ensuring a safe friendship between us and them. Ambassadors are allowed near-full access to our forums.

Article X: Nuclear Policy

No nation is to launch nuclear attacks on another nation without government approval. We will not strike with nuclear weapons first, and will only retaliate if all members of the government agree it would be for the best of our survival.


We will welcome anyone willing to join, as long as you follow our rules, and are not in violation of any other alliances terms.

Join Today!

For more information or sign up, visit: http://cn-ascension.friendhood.net/forum.htm

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Join now! we have start up aid, and announcements, and forgien embassys and a spamming forum and a flag, and treaty (soon to be treatys) and good advice to get you on your feet... almost as if we are a real alliance!!

PS. we may be looking for more members to fufil government positions soon. hint hint ;)

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