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MCXA - Citadel Joint Declaration

Trouble Terrible

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MCXA - The Citadel MADP


This is an MADP. Most of you can stop reading here; the rest of it is just to appease Saber.

Article 1

Signatories shall refrain from aggressive actions towards one another. Signatories should act with the interests of all other signatories in mind.

Article 2

Signatories shall share any information and intelligence that may be relevant towards another signatory.

Article 3

Should any signatory become engaged in military action towards a third party, all other signatories shall immediately come to the aid of the aforementioned signatory, including military action against the aforementioned third party.

Article 4

Signatories must give forty-eight hours notice before withdrawing from this pact.

Signed for the MCXA:

Gonefishin, Chancellor

Monkeyman, Chancellor

Signed for the Citadel:

The Twin Emperors

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Big blocs already. This is one of the few things that would prompt me to stay at war for longer than a week. Lining up like sheep to become the next 1 V is a good way to be left off the NAAC Christmas list.

Not sure if this counts as IC, being from last round, but I don't think we were on that list a week ago anyhow :P

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