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Dispatch from The Pacific Army


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Treaty of Mutual Defense between The Pacific Army and Viridia


The alliances of TPA and Viridia, having come to recognize between them an outstanding level of respect and fellowship, do hereby bind themselves one to the other in a pact of mutual defense.

Article I. Mutual Defense

Should one alliance come under military attack, the other alliance shall be required to assist and defend the one attacked. An attack on any alliance nation shall be considered an attack upon the whole alliance. Assistance includes military, diplomatic, and intelligence-gathering assistance.

Article II. Dispute Resolution

Any questions that arise under this treaty, including questions of enforceability and construction, shall be resolved by the leaders of the respective alliances, or their designees.

Article III. Cancellation

The leader (or designee) of either alliance may deliver a notice of intent to cancel this treaty to a signatory below. The treaty will be effectively dissolved 72 hours after the delivery of said notice.


For The Pacific Army:

Severus, Field Marshal of The Pacific Army

Cuatela, Arbiter of The Pacific Army

Vengashii, General of The Pacific Army

Lord of Destruction, General of The Pacific Army

Hawk_11, General of The Pacific Army

For Viridia:

Ego, Lord of Viridia

Sloppy Joe, Duke of Viridia

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