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Announcing Candidacy for Orange Team Senate

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Hello there Orange Team!

I'm sure by now, you've probably recieved a mass-message asking you to vote for someone in the Orange Team Senate. They may have promised you something in return, they may not have.

I am going to promise just one thing. I will listen.

If any of you has a problem with rogues, ask me, and tell me what's been going on, and I'll see about a Sanction on that rogue if I can.

So please, vote Arrnea of Jerna for a youthful, vital voice on the Orange Team Senate.

How to Vote for Arrnea of Jerna:

Click on "Team Information Panel" on the sidebar (on the left).

Click on "Vote for Team Senators".

Click the drop-down menu and find "Arrnea of Jerna".

Cast your vote!

--- Arrnea of Jerna

Orange Team Senator

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