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Sparta has come to CN:TE. Together with our sister alliances the WARLORDZ, and the OVERLORDZ, Sparta aims to take back the sphere that rightfully belongs to her - Black. To all those who love us, we love you too. To all those who oppose us....well....I'll pray for you.

In concurrence with our agreement with our friends in Warlordz, we will support their Candidate in the Black team Senate, and defend them from all harm that may be thrown at their doorstep.

To all those who are from outside Sparta in CN:S, you are welcome to join and benefit from our community atmosphere and knowledge of the military and economic aspects of the game, but we will not aid you in any way, shape, or form in CN:S itself.

In regards to the GOONS Senate policy, we now recognize the state of any hostilities between Sparta and GOONS.

you can join us on our forums Here

IRC is #Sparta_TE

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