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That's no Maroon...


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The Red is Ours...Er...Maroon is Ours Treaty. My bad.


To maintain Order and control over the Maroon Team, the Superfriends, we who live off of Red Maroon Bull, hereby sign this pact in dominance and awesomeness.

Article I. Team Color

Everyone will be on the Maroon Team.

Article II. Senate Sharing

We will not share the senate, or our Red Bull and Doritos. *

Article III. Senate Control

We will control the senate. Just as we control the mind of G.W. Bush.

Article IV. Termination

This treaty will be terminated upon the forceful removal of the minds of all of the members of the Superfriends by alien zombies, or upon the successful termination of John and Sarah Connor.

*Unless it's with hot women. ;)

Signed for the Superfriends,

Defiant - Head of State

Applesauce59 - Foreign Affairs Triumvir

Severus Knight - Military Affairs Triumvir

King Williams - Internal Affairs Triumvir

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