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Looking for an alliance


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I would like to invite you to come join Veredia.

Veredia is a brand new,blue team alliance.We are accepting new citizens (new or experienced) who wish to join a fun and friendly community.Once your a citizen of Veredia, we will do whatever we can as a community to help and support you.

Yes, we are new...but,we are actively looking for new citizens to come help mold what we believe will be a good alliance.

If your interested in knowing more about Veredia..see our recruiting thread,and/or come to the Veredia forums and chat with us.

Veredia Forums

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MOON might be a good fit for you.

We have many older nations looking to do tech deals and our guides will help you grow a bit faster then you have been. Finally, we are looking for members who look to actively contribute to our forum so if your interested check us out.


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Come to Americas Army.

We are a military based alliance with experienced CN players.

We are quickly growing at a decent pace.

We have tech deals and trading deals

We are protected by The Legion

We may not be big like all the other alliances.

But with more members like you and others to come we can amount and acheive greatness.

So are you interested?

Here is our forums link:

Americas Army

Heres our current recuitment video:

its a work in progress as we are currently editing it and making it better

Thanx for reading my post


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