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Fellowship of Unified Nations


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The Fellowship of Unified Nations(FUN) is a Cyber Nations alliance that is dedicated to playing the game the way that it is meant to be played, to have fun with this game and to help one another to succeed and to watch each others backs:

The Fellowship of Unified Nations Charter

Article I. Government

Chief Magistrate: The Chief Magistrate is the symbolic leader of the alliance and has veto power over the parliament as well as the authority to announce a state of war. The Chief Magistrate is also charged with making all major announcements pertaining to the alliance. They also appoint members to Parliament. The Chief Magistrate may be removed from office if 100% of the Parliament agree that he is abusing his authority and a unanimous vote is passed.

Parliament: The parliament is a group of six people that make the internal and foreign affairs policies and pass laws that are ratified into the charter. They have complete authority over policy decisions and may declare a state of war should it be decided that one exists. Parliament may have their decisions vetoed if the Chief Magistrate determines that the decision is not in the best interests of the alliance. The Parliament is representative of the wishes of the people and as such should their decisions be unsatisfactory to the general membership, said general membership may call for a vote of no confidence for the individual that they feel is not representing their interests and if 85% of the general membership votes for their removal then they will be removed and another member appointed.

General membership: The general membership are the community of the Fellowship, and have no other duties than to mutually defend one another and to work in comradery to help each other grow and prosper during times of peace. The General membership reserves the right to leave the alliance at any time except for during a time of warfare directly involving the Fellowship. They also have the right to hold a vote of no confidence should they feel that any member of the Parliament is not looking out for their best interests.

Article II. Admission

Any nation that is not a member of an alliance may apply to join FUN at our off site forums. Any nation that is not involved in an active war is welcome to apply, and if granted admittance must either have a nation team color of Maroon, or change their team color to such. The only exceptions will be nations that have to redo their trades and they will be given the time that they require in order to set up new trades. Nations may have their application rejected if their nation name or ruler name promote racism, sexism, or religious intolerance.

Article III. Offensive wars

Any member nation has the freedom to declare war upon any nation that is not part of an alliance. However any nation that declares such a war is not entitled to any assistance, be it financial, military, or political should they end up in a bad situation. Offensive wars against nations that are members of an alliance unless authorized by the Parliament will be met with immediate expulsion from the Fellowship.

Article IV. Conduct and expulsion

If a member of the Fellowship is determined to have participated in any of the following types of behavior they will be expelled from the alliance post haste:

1. Promoting or spreading hate speech, sexism, bigotry, religious intolerance or openly supporting any of the same. If you don't like certain ethnic groups, genders, religions, or nationalities then FUN is not a good home for you.

2. Declaring war on a member of any alliance without authorization from the Parliament. There are no excuses for this and if you have read the charter as required to become a member then you know not to do this.

3. Refusing to defend a fellow member. If you are only in an alliance to not get attacked then you may as well go join an alliance that does not ever get attacked. Refusing to defend a fellow alliance mate should you be called upon to do so will result in you being expelled from the alliance and not welcomed back ever.

4. Any act of espionage committed against any outside party. If you spy or are found to have obtained information that is not publicly available then you will be expelled immediately and your infrastructure will be reduced to zero.

Article V. Secrets act

As a member of the Fellowship of Unified Nations you agree not to disclose any information that is not available to the general public to anyone outside of FUN. Disclosing any such information will result in the permanent reduction of your infrastructure to zero.

Our forums are located here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/FUN_Alliance/index.php?act=idx

And we are at #FUN on the coldfront server on IRC so if you all are interested then stop on over to the forums and sign up. This alliance is a great place to enjoy the freedom to go to war and the protection that you need to be able to grow in peace. My goal is to see this alliance full of people that are enjoying the game and for us to be known as an alternative to the alliances that have a lot of red tape and bureaucracy. Here you will have the ability to do almost all that you please as long as you abide by the few simple rules in the charter, and your voice will count when you have an opinion.

Come on and join the FUN and you will not regret it I can assure you.

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Join and you will be eligible for signing bonuses of between 500k and 1m. I am funding a Guess the Chicken's Name (1.5m) and PresPresPraise which will split 3m between the three most outrageous pieces of sycophancy towards me. There may be a wooden spoon award for someone who pans me and still makes me laugh.

Go to our Forums, join up and begin spamming.

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