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There be Pirates on that Pond!

Franz Ferdinand

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Welcome, one and all to the Pond Pirates announcement of our existence from the evils of the world. You may know us from when we raided your navies, and stole all your glorious wenches, yet we are also kind hearted and frien...who am I kidding? We are blood-thirsty scallywags who have nothing better to do than to steal your precious cargo...however, we do like kittens!

Our trade base is in the exotic Caribbean, and we already have started to stake our claim on Brown Team, for we know you all like that colour, secretly, don't you? Anyway, we have a top-class selection of the most devious, and crafty scallywags that you will ever have the pleasure to meet...before we put you out of your misery, for they are:

Captain of the High Seas: Franz Ferdinand

Captain of the Crow's Nest: DaNome

Captain of the Galley: Lebowski

Captain of the Kidnapping: Robyn

Captain of Plundering and Lulz: Lonpeo

Captain of the Raids: Craig

Captain Captain my Captain (Mudkipz Management): Benevolence

Captain of Peace, Love and Ice cream: Aranka

We can be contacted by Parrot Mail, so if you ever stop by, remember to visit the #deck on ColdFront...even though it is hotter than a Caribbean galley in August we are always ready to answer your calls...and to plunder your ships!

That reminds me, it seems that there be NINJAS out there who feel that they are better than us Pirates, this can NOT be stood for. As a result, we DECLARE COLONIAL WAR on the vicious NINJAS, for they are many!

Franz Ferdinand, Captain of the High Seas

Lebowski, Captain of the Galley

Craig, Captain of the Raids

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