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I am looking for an alliance that is not to big but does not have like 10 members. i am comeing from the RIA and im trying to stay out of the war. i got ctrushed just recently. Dont worry im not in any wars. I have been playing cybernations for awhile now so i dont need extra help or anything. i will be active too.

i am looking for an alliance that could help me back up. im not asking for start up aid because i know how it is. im not a money hungry noob. i just need a place to stay. So if anyone has an alliance ill check it out. Thank You

p.s i would prefer a short sign up process.

and i misspelled ALLIANCE


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Veredia is a new,blue alliance.We can always use an experienced player to help our alliance grow.As a brand new alliance,we are still trying to get new citizens.If your interested, come check us out at:

Veredia Forums

We also have a recruitment thread for prospective new citizens to read,as well!

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The Rodivian Ocean Alliance of Aqua Sovereign States, is a new Aqua alliance that has only three member who are all peaceful nations. The only prerequisite to join our alliance is your nation must be Aqua and have the Euro for it's money. If you are interested in joining got to:


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no. im not deserting anyone. im already done with my wars. im not in any wars. i could see if i was still in wars but im not.

So you left the RIA while it was at war, got "crushed" while on the decidedly winning side...yeah, please don't come calling to my alliance. And as friendly advice, next time your alliance finds itself at war someday, actually stick it out, winning or losing.

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Ubercon is an older alliance on Planet Bob, the exact origins of which are unknown, but history suggests that is was founded around 2 years ago. Member of the Black Sphere.

What was once a small alliance of close friends (~17) that was content to sit on the sidelines and grow quietly has now decided that the time for growth is now. Our current size (8/21/08) is approx 120 members with a combined NS of close to 2,000,000.

We are currently looking for new recruits that will be active members of our alliance and help us gain a stronger standing in world politics. we are looking for members that are interested in positions of government and helping us for ties with other alliances in the community. If you feel like this is something for you please contact me in game (http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=124178) or post something here as i will try to check often.

Now unlike most of the larger alliances we can not offer millions to have you join our ranks, all we can offer is our experience and guidance. while we do try to put together AID chains for our new members to help them out we can promise nothing as far as money goes. we want you to join us because you want to not because you see a quick way to get cash.

you can also check out our forum for more information (i believe) (http://uberconalliance.proboards55.com/index.cgi?)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Blake the Merciful

Ubercon Minister of Internal Affairs

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