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United Elite Nations(UeN)


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UeN is a quick growing and highly respected allience we offer protection, aid and tips n tricks about CN we offer 40k in aid when you join and make you feel apart of our family. here is out charter

United Nations is a branch of Elite Nation Gaming Community. United Elite Nations was put in place to facility Cybernation members and help them succeed to their highest potentials.

Article 1

United Elite Nations will be run by Brass or Government heads with Branch officers for assistance.

Elections will be held every 6 months after the first election. The Elections will be polls set up in the designated forums for all members to vote.

If a Brass branch head does not fullfill his/her duty as the highest ranking officer he/she will be replaced by the 2nd highest ranking officer of that branch. The 2nd highest ranking officer will hold that position until next election.

the 2nd in command for each branch is appointed by the head of each branch.

Elections are open to all members that have atleast 2 months in the alliance.

Secretary of State

-Assert foriegn affairs with other alliances, Head of Recruitment

1. Branch position: State Officer(s)

- assists SoS with all affairs

Secretary of the Treasury

-disperse grants of money or loans to nations in need within UEN.

1. Branch position: Treasury officer(s)

- assists SotT with all affairs

Secretary of War

-Oversee all wars waged in UEN(all members must give an ok to war or tech raid a nation, simply for the reason of the possibility of obtaining victory)-for example a nation within UEN with the strength of 1000 wages war on a nation with 650, that is ok with reasons pending. a UEN nation with 1000 waging war on a foriegn nation with equal or greater strength will be further examined. SoW also oversees all actions in defense against any rouge nation/alliance with a conflict with UEN(deploying help and aid)

1. Branch Position: Warring State(s)

-helps all SoW with all affairs(supplies military)

Attorney General

-handles all attorney affairs within UEN. Any conflicts within UEN is resolved through the AG.

1. Branch position: Human Resource Officer(s)(HRs)

- assists AG with all affairs

Article 2

New Members must be

-not apart of any other allaince

-Must not be in any wars with any alliance and if they are currently warring a nation, that nation must not be in an alliance or "none"

-All new members must fill out an application to join United Elite Nation

-All new members must be active on Cybernations aswell as these Forums

-All new members must cooperate with all rules and regulation placed within United Elite Nations

-United Elite Nations is a Maroon alliance, all members must change to team color of Maroon, unless certain exceptions have been made

Article 3

All agressive acts against any nation within United Elite Nations will be taking as a personal attack on all nations in United Elite Nations

The Secretary of War will issue a war alert and will take measures needed in defending United Elite Nation

No nation can tech raid or war another nation with out the consent of the Secretary of War.

*activated August 3rd, 2007

You may not tech raid*

Do not attack anyone within the alliance under any circumstance.

Diplomacy is the first option for United Elite Nations, war is the last resort when it comes to other alliances.

Article 4

The United Elite Nations Charter is able to be amended by vote.

Requirments to have a vote in place:

1. Propose a possible change to the charter

2. votes will be casted to resolve the outcome of the amendment

3. if voted in; the amendment will be made ASAP.

Written by Premier Apex

and heres a little bit more about UeN

United Elite Nations began as a branch of Elite Nation Gaming Community. Elite Nation(eN) is a multi-platform gaming community that consists of:



Diablo II








Warcraft III

World of Warcraft

Due to natural growth of United Elite Nations (eNCN or UeN) The alliance has gained independence from the Rule of the gaming community, but still carries the pride and relavence of Elite Nation Gaming Community.

LoL alliance joined UeN to create a very large and powerful alliance in early September, 2007.

Form Of Government

United Elite Nation is headed by President Premier Apex or Apex to the eN community. The next in command is Prime minister Panfilo, He is from former alliance LoL and is also from Costa Rica I.E. Spanish on forums.

UeN Brass is designed to manage and maintain a well-being of the alliance.

They are broken into branches of Government.

State Branch

Secretary of State: Patocaos/eN.Kidohdin

-officer(s): Memo86

-The position of SoS is to Recruit new members and Discuss foriegn affairs with other alliances.

External Affairs Branch

Secretary of War: l)arknesss

-This position is designed to oversee all wars declared by UeN members and monitor war activety in UeN. ALL WARS MUST GO THROUGH THE SOW.

Internal Affairs Branch

Attorney General: eN.Kidohdin

-This position is designed to handle all internal affairs within UeN. Sending mass messages to all members to notify about events and resolve conflict between nations within UeN.

Officers of each branch are designed to assist each secretary in duties that are required. There is unlimited amount of officers that can be obtained with in each branch.


Battalions are designed to assist each nation with protection. Battalions create a sense of unity in each desicion we make as nations.


if you wish to join follow the link, sign up, look around and post your information

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