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Veredia Alliance


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The Veredia Alliance is a democratic alliance that resides withinin the BLUE team sphere.

The Veredia Alliance is an Alliance of unity,honor, dignity,and community. We are a laid back,but friendly alliance that strives to have fun,and enjoy playing the game here on Cybernations.

As a citizen of the Veredia Alliance,you will never be alone, as long as you stay involved in all aspects of the alliance.Once your a citizen of the alliance,you are considered family.

If the Veredia Alliance sounds like a place you would enjoy being at, then come join us:

Visit our Forums at: --------> Veredia Alliance

About Veredian Citizenship

As a citizen of the Veredia Alliance, you will receive not only a friendship,but full support in this community.We will provide you all the necessary tools,information and advice, to help your nation succeed.From starter/in game Aid,loans,tech deals,resource trading,and much more.All citizens have an equal say in alliance matters upon their approval of citizenship.

Citizen Behavior

A. Out of Character threats are under no circumstances tolerated by the Veredia Alliance.

B. Must be respectful of all Veredia members,as well as other members of any other alliances,at all times.

C. Members must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the Veredia Council.

D. Spying on Veredia members,other alliances,their members,etc is strictly forbidden.

E. No citizen shall engage in tech raiding at any time.Tech raiding is forbidden in the Veredia Alliance.

Any nations that violate the above,will be dealt with swiftly and fairly. Punishment may range as far as banishment from the alliance.

Veredia Council


Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Economics

Minister of Defense

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Other positions will be added as needed.


Section 1: Admission,Citizenship and Citizen Expulsion

Article 1: Membership

i. Any nation, may apply for citizenship in the Veredia alliance.

ii. A nation may be barred from entrance to the Veredia alliance if it doesn't fulfill the requirements to join.

iii. The Veredia Alliance is a BLUE Team Alliance.All new citizens must change to BLUE upon citizenship approval.

iv. You must not be in any wars of any kind.

v.Must not be on any ZI,Terrorist,rogue,etc list.

vi.Must not be a member of any other alliance at time of application,or during membership of the Veredia Alliance.

vii. Once a citizen,we ask that you be an active citizen.

Article 2: Citizen Expulsion

i. A citizen may be expelled if the citizen violates any part of the alliance rules,constitution,or any other rules and regulations set forth by the Veredia Council.

Article 3: Resignation from the Alliance

i.Citizens may resign from the Alliance at any time for any reason.The resigning citizen must post their intentions in the Resignation Center on the alliance forums.

Section 2: Veredia Council

i. Chancellor

The Chancellor has complete say in all matters of the alliance. It is their responsibility to oversee all happenings within the alliance.The Chancellor appoints all leadership,except Senators...which are elected by the citizens of Veredia.

ii. Minister or Defense

The Minister of Defense oversees all plans for attack and defence of the alliance.

iii. Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs (MOIA) is in charge of new membership applications,the mentor programs, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new members for the alliance.

iv. Minister of Economics

The Minister of Economics (MOE) is responsible for aiding all member nations in getting trades, for managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing all aid..

v. Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) is also responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MOFA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the Veredia Alliance.

Section 3: Parliament

i. The Parliament is made up of the citizens of Veredia,through elections..

ii. Senators are elected every 3 months year by the citizens of Veredia.

iii. Parliament votes on all treaties, and those treaties will be passed by a simple majority.

iv. Parliament and the Minister of Defense may declare war on a foreign power with a two thirds decision. The MOD may declare war without approval of the Senate only if Emergency Powers are in affect at the time.

v. All legislation passed by the Senate,must be signed off on by the Chancellor.If for some reason the Chancellor is not present to sign off on legislation,within 5 days time,the Minster of Internal Affairs may sign the legislation.

Section 4: War Policies

1. Veredia strives to remain a peaceful alliance. As such,the Veredia Alliance is a non-agressive alliance.Attacks on other nations are strictly prohibited.

2. In the event of an alliance conflict, the Veredia Council will use all diplomatic efforts within our resource power to resolve the conflict.The Veredia Alliance wishes to do what is ever necessary to keep from engaging in a war at all costs,directly or indirectly!

3.No citizen of the Veredia Alliance shall engage in any unauthorized wars of aggression for any purpose.

4.The Veredia Alliance has established a no nukes policy. Any citizen that uses nukes against any other citizen or allie,will be subject to retaliation.

5. As stated above, in the citizen behavior section, spying is forbidden at all times.

Section 5: Mediation of Disputes

If there comes a time when 2 alliances are at odds,and needs some non-biased diplomatic help, the Veredia Alliance leadership would be willing to help mediate any and all diplomatic efforts to resolve any disputes.

Section 6: Mergers, Alliance Disbandenment and Amendments

Article 1: Mergers

i. Alliance mergers may only be approved by the Parliament.

ii. All mergers must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the Senate,and must be signed off on by the entire Veredia Council

Article 2:Alliance Disbanding

In order for the alliance to disband, it takes the approval of the Parliament and the signature of the Veredia Council.

Article 3:Constitutional Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds votes of the Senate, and approved by the citizens of Veredia.If there isn't enough to make a 2/3 vote,the Chancellor,or Minister of Internal Affairs, may approve the amendment with a signature!

Section 7: Alliance Elections

Elections within the alliance will begin after the citizenship hits a certain level that allows a fair process.

Section 8: Diplomacy

The Veredia Alliance has an open door policy in regards to diplomacy.Any alliance that wishes to discuss a treaty,and/or pact,is welcome to come do so at any time.The Veredia Council will accept any treaty,and/or pact,as long as it is in the best interest of the alliance.

This concludes the Veredia Constitution.

Signed by,


Chancellor of Veredia,

Head of the Veredia Council

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