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Five donations for sale.


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Right, gonna get back into this game, thought some donation deals would be the best way to get back up to speed, therefore, I am going to sell donations every month until I have a half decent nation again. Noticed the inflation, deals seems more profitable for the seller these days. Thought I'd pick something middle of the road. Ok, so the rate is:

15 mil, or 50 tech per 3 mil, up to 100 tech, making a max ong the slide of 9 mil and 100 tech.

Don't have any wonders yet, but disaster relief and foreign aid commission will be added to facilitate smoother flow of cash, as time and the game allows.

PM me ingame with offers, or post here.


Edit: I'm up for any month, btw

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Yep, unless you're going to be doing this donation deal for an old friend, I'd stick with the going rate, or at least only 3 million less than it.

Also, if you don't know already the accepted rate for tech deals is 3million/100 tech, not 3million/50 tech.

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Don't waste your money on Federal Aid Commission, to reap the benefits you need another nation to own it and no one buys that thing. The DRA is good tho. Anyways, your still a lot of money and time away from buying wonders.

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