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The German Empire


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The German Empire is a rapidly developing alliance, currently with 64 active nations. We offer military protection for any NS range. To new members of Cybernations, We offer a 200k minimum aid offer, to get your nation off of it's feet. Experienced players are also welcomed into the empire.

That's all good, but are you organised?

We offer a variety of divisions, each consisting of three to four members, in an equal stregnth range. Anybody can make a division, and if it is succesful, it will be moved into the official division section. We also aid our comrades in their time of need, risking our own nation to help theirs. Our members are friendly and helpful, and will be willing to help any new nation along the way.

How To Join

To join The German Empire, go to this link: http://z11.invisionfree.com/German_Empire_...dex.php?act=idx

Go into the immigration office, and read the topic corresponding how to join. Then, follow those steps, and you will be a member in no time!

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