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GOONS Charter


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Official Announcement from GOONS:

The Charter:

Blasphemy I: Admission

Admission into GOONS is achieved in two steps. First, by laying down an offering of 10 "bux" to That Pig. Second, the nation must embrace the grey path and become truly neutral.

Upon completion of both steps, the nation shall receive protection.

Only those who are protected may be admitted into GOONS.

Applying nations must not be a part of any existing alliance.

Blasphemy II: Government & The Closet

GOONS Closet: Any member of the GOONS Closet may kick and/or ban any member from the alliance and may also reject membership to anyone they feel is a complete !@#$% bag or !@#$%^&.

In Order of Superiority:

El Presidente (EP): In charge of the entire alliance. All decisions that will affect the welfare of the GOON Order of Notorious Supremacy will be made by the EP. Any member of the GOONS may propose suggestions to the Closet before the EP makes the final decision.

Optimus Prime Minister (OPM): Second in command. All legislatures regarding the charter go to the OPM. He is the second in command, and does many of the things that the EP does, just not as awesome.

Foreign Minister: The Foreign Minister will handle requests from other alliances. These requests include, but are not limited to: embassy requests, foreign diplomat greetings, etc.

Secretary of Sekrits: Is responsible for Maintaining and creating guides and other materials to assist member nations in the planning and execution of nation building. Also is basically the forum nanny and handles any forum maintenance issues, because that makes total sense.

The Secretary of GOONification: This person is in charge of the membership and the members of the alliance. Membership problems go directly to him. Any member may be removed from the alliance at any time. Any problems solely with the alliance go to the Secretary of GOONland Security. He is in control of appointments or elections (The Sec. of GOONland Security does not make the appointments, The EP and OPM do. The Sec. of GOONland Security only makes the announcements. If there is a need for an election, The Sec. of GOONland Security creates the topic and makes sure the election goes in a smooth process.).

The Director of GOONland Security: The War dude. He, the EP, and the OPM decide on who we go to war with. The EP can request the Sec. of GOONland to make a target list at any time. The Sec. of GOONland Security is the person who keeps the GOON Members informed on our war status, at least 5.6 minutes prior to update. Failure to do so will result in SEVERE consequences.

Rodimus prime minister: The Advisor attends all Closet meetings (IRC) and makes sure The Closet know what they’re doing. If the Advisor feels they don’t know what they’re doing, he can resign from his !@#$@#$ role. Anyways, he is more of a “witness” that knows all of our deepest darkest secritz. The Advisor also acts as the Secretary of Trade.

Blasphemy III: War

Raiding and Nukes:

Every alliance has a no first nuke policy. Fortunately, we are not every alliance. Here are the rules of Nukes.

1) Buy zem

2) Use zem

3) You might get some help if we feel like it

To be honest, we rather have you nuke someone than fight them.

Any kind of Raiding is straight. Nuclear, Tech, Air, Naval…anything else that you can put in front of Raid is acceptable. We don’t give a !@#$. Just GOGOGO

New Government:

Lobster y el Presidente = AppealDenied

Optimus Prime Minister = Maiknel

Foreign Minister = Sara|fina <-- Stupid word filter

Secretary of Sekrits = Brokyn

Secretary of GOONification = Alpert Nation

Director of GOONland Security = LunaticFringe

Rodimus Prime Minister = DivisionPost

Also, our forums actually work now so if you want to be diplomatic to goons go for it: www.goonrush.com


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