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The Cult of Richard!

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Charter of the Cult of Richard


I. Preamble:

We, the Cult of Richard have come together as an alliance to reach a common goal of spreading the words and teachings of his most Unholy, Richard the Warlock. The Cult of Richard leaves no rock unturned and no house unburned in its quest to appease our patron Saint, Richard. Our primary goal, however, is to encourage and continue the worship of Richard the Warlock. Our Bible, www.lfgcomic.com, is updated Mondays and Thursdays.

II. Membership

Any serious nation is welcome to join the Cult of Richard. We are not tethered to any specific colour. By joining the Cult of Richard, you agree to the following terms:

A. You may not be a member of another alliance while you are also a member of the Cult of Richard.

B. You are required to register on the Cult of Richard forums.

C. You are required to set your Alliance Affiliation to Cult of Richard

D. You are required to adhere to the orders of the different ministers, as well as to the orders of the Chief Warlock

E. You must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined by the Charter of the Cult of Richard.

III. Member Rights and Responsibilities

Any nation who has applied for membership in the Cult of Richard and been accepted is granted the following rights:

A. Each member has the right to free speech and the right to post on the Cult of Richard forums.

B. Each member has the right to be treated equally regardless of religion or ethnic background.

C. Each member has the right to govern their own nation as they see fit, so long as they do not break the rules of this Charter.

D. Each member has the right to request aid (monetary, military etc.) at any time. *

Any nation under membership also has the following responsibilities:

A. Each member is expected to be somewhat active on the forums.

B. Each member is expected to aid other members of the Cult of Richard or the members of other alliances that have formed Military Defense Pacts with the Cult of Richard

*This right does not mean that your request is automatically granted, though it will be examined.

C. Each member is expected to follow all direct orders from ranking leaders to the best of their ability.

D. Each member is expected to be well-versed in the Cult's chosen Unholy writings of Richard located at www.lfgcomic.com.

IV. Government

A. The Government of the Cult of Richard consists of the following positions:

I) The Second Coming of Richard. The SCoR is responsible for running the alliance as a whole, and ensuring that all of the different parts of the alliance are working together accordingly. The SCoR is bound by this Charter in the same way as any other member.

II) The Warmaster. The Warmaster is responsible for 3 main departments in the Cult of Richard. They are as such:

a. The organization of the Cult of Richards military forces and the direction of aforementioned forces in the case of war.

b. Relations with other alliances, including signing new treaties.

c. Keeping the finances of the alliance up-to-date and present in the expenditures of other departments.

III) The Inquisitor Lord. The Inquisitor Lord is responsible for helping other members within the Cult of Richard as well as relaying the information of new recruits, new announcements etc. to the other ministers. Inquisitor Lord is also responsible for moderating the Cult of Richard Forums.

IV) The Preacher. The Minister of Preacher is responsible for actively canvassing the Cybernations Universe in an attempt to recruit as many worthy members as possible for the Cult of Richard.

V) Dark Apostle. In addition to the Ministers and ScoR, there will be 3 elected Dark Apostles who will serve to vote on important, alliance-wide issues.

B. The position of ScoR lasts indefinitely until the Chief Warlock either decides to step down or is impeached due to a gross violation of the Charter.

C. All of the Minister Positions are held indefinitely. They may be put up for impeachment and subsequently an election will take place. The vote to impeach a Minister requires a two-thirds vote of all of the council members excluding the Minister in question.

V. Expulsion from the Alliance

Failure to observe the terms and conditions of this Charter will result in expulsion from the Cult of Richard. Expulsion requires a 50% + 1 vote from the council in order to go through.*

*The ScoR may forcibly expel a member if a crisis is imminent and is seen to have failed in keeping with the Teachings of Richard.

VI. War

A Declaration of War requires a two-thirds vote from the council to be accepted. Any member may put forward a request for a declaration of war, however this does not mean it will be accepted automatically. Note that an official declaration of war only applies to alliance versus alliance conflicts and is not needed in the case of a simple tech raiding incident.

Any nation of the Cult of Richard that is attacked has the right to defend his/her self.

The Council has the power to sentence a nation to Zero Infrastructure, a demand for reparations or any other course of action.

VII. Tech Raids

The Cult of Richard does not expressly forbid tech raiding, or as we prefer to call it, tech “liberation.†If a member nation of the Cult of Richard wishes to raid another nation, the target must fall under the following criteria:

a) Be unaligned.

Be of no serious threat to the rest of the alliance.

The Cult of Richard does NOT want to clean up after other members’ rash mistakes. A poorly carried out tech raid which endangers the alliance could result in the expulsion of a member. All members are required to declare peace eventually in the case of a tech raid. No member is permitted to use Aircraft or Cruise Missiles or Nuclear weapons unless it is used against them in the case of a tech raid.

VIII. Nuclear Arms

The Cult of Richard does not forbid the possession of nuclear arms. We do not wish for any member to nuke an innocent nation. Failure to observe this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the Cult of Richard.

IX. Amendments

This Charter can be amended at any time by the Council with a 50% +1 vote.

X. Richard

The character Richard, all pictures of Richard, the name and concept and all contained ideas of the “Looking for Group†comic are not owned by any members of the alliance and are copyright Blind Ferret Entertainment.

Finally, Richard totally owns. If you haven’t read the Looking For Group comic, Richard demands that you visit www.lfgcomic.com and find enlightenment.

NOTE: I, nor anyone in the alliance is a creator of the Looking for Group comic.

For Pony!


BIBLE: www.lfgcomic.com Mon/Thurs updates.

Motivational pictures!




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