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pillage bug


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Take a real close look at the following and see if you can spot the error:

:. Cautious Ground Attack 
Attacking Ruler:	An1de2 	Defending Ruler:	Ambrose Anaxagoras 
Deployed Soldiers:	2 	Defending Soldiers:	1 
Deployed Tanks:	0	Defending Tanks:	0 
Attacking Technology:	63.78	Defending Technology:	28.37 
Attacking Infrastructure:	258.87	Defending Infrastructure:	28.61 
Attacking Land Area:	225.796	Defending Land Area:	175.098 
Attacking DEFCON:	 	Defending DEFCON:	 
Attacking Money:	$89.01	Defending Money:	$1,924.81 
Battle Odds:	20% Chance of Victory	Battle Odds:	80% Chance of Victory

Battle Type:	Cautious Ground Attack
Battle Outcome:	Defeat 
Criticorum Casualties:	0 soldiers
0 tanks 
Adlucem Casualties:	0 soldiers
0 tanks 
Battle Details:	The battle was a draw in the number of lives lost, but overall at the end of the battle your army was defeated. Your soldiers fought bravely and killed many enemy soldiers but were forced to retreat and were ultimately defeated in battle. There were no land spoils of war captured in this battle. There was no infrastructure destroyed in this battle. There was no technology stolen in this battle. The value of your equipment abandoned in the battle was $12.46. Your forces looted $0.00 from the nation of Adlucem.

If you don't see it, here's a hint:


If the attacker is defeated in battle they will lose up to 10% (this number is also randomly generated) of their available cash in "abandoned equipment".

The answer: 12.46 / 89.01 = 14%. 14% > 10%.

While I appreciate the numbers in my case are utterly insignificant, there are plenty of folks who keep millions in cash on hand, and an extra 4% of 6 million is not nearly as insignificant.

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