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CN:TE Just got \m/ugged

Josh the Great

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Greetings Nations of Planet Steve! We totally don't come in peace. :jihad: We've decided to bring back the win, and to ruin your game :blush: . We currently don't have anyone in Alpha, but we already got a nice little old line up for all of you when Beta Starts. :ph34r:

If You want to join us. We are at #mtournament on Coldfront, or you can find us at http://mtournament.vndv.com/index.php



Josh the Great, Jason8, and many others...

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Hay, that's not nice. I didn't say you could put my name on there.

Just because I'm in the channel and you gave me SOPs doesn't mean I'm all up in this thang.

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\m/pO FTW, we gonna ruin the game for you all!

/o \m/pO

(this is not spam)

Don't forget LuE, bLUE, and TotalGenmay! :awesome:

But no srsly, \m/ fits great with CN:TE ^^ Plus alliances can do firstblood type programs to train new recruits and etcetera lol.

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